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Why Stand Up Tanning Booths?

The most frequently asked question we receive from new tanning salon owners is: "Why do I need to buy a stand up tanning booth?".  There are several key reasons why vertical tanners, both UV and UV free, should be an integral part of every new salon or day spa design.  The main advantages of upright tanningphoto of a South Beach stand up tanning booth are:

1.  MOST POWERFUL IN SALON:  Placing a lay down tanning bed in a vertical position allows equipment manufacturers to install very powerful lamps and more of them due to the ergonomic wrap-around design, increased airflow, and the fact you are not lying directly on the tanning lamps.  Many stand up models may contain up to 60 of the 200-220 watt lamps in a 9 minute session with more than 12,000 watts of power working.  Compare this to a level two 15 minute bed with 32 of the 100 watt bulbs, which is only 3,200 watts of power.

2.  MOST HYGIENIC:  The vertical tanners are favored by gyms and fitness centers around the USA because of their low maintenance requirements and because they are "more hygienic".  That is to say the customer may wear shower shoes or other footwear that normally would not be worn in a bed, where they must fully recline in a sweaty position.  If tanning beds are not disinfected properly, then disease and infection may occur.  This problem is eliminated with standups.

3.  TANS AS YOUR BODY FALLS:  In addition to the fact that you get the most powerful and fastest tan with tanning booths, they also tan you "as your body falls".   This means, when you lay down to tan and your body is pressed against the glass, weird white lines appear in the cracks of your body, which become more apparent when you are standing.  A stand up booth will tan you like you are walking on the beach or on a cruise your body falls naturally.

4.  BODY ISOLATION TANNING:  A negative side of the tanning bed is the fact is is hard to tan under your arms or inside your legs without being a contortionist.  Standups eliminatephoto of  the inside of the ETS Sunscape 756v this problem by placing straps or handles inside the booth to hang your arms on while you are tanning.  This allows you to place your underarms, hips, or other body parts up to the bulbs for a few minutes for "body isolation tanning".

5.  LOWEST MAINTENANCE COST:  Many vertical tanning models manufactured today are produced with a metal grid covering the lamps.  These grids are good for a life-time of use without requiring cleaning or replacing like tanning bed acrylics.  Also, you may choose to upgrade to acrylic lamp covers with many models, like the South Beach line.  New electronic ballasts allow these powerful units to be operated on 30 and 40 amp breakers, reducing electricity costs forever.

6.  UV FREE TANNING OPTIONS:  UV free sunless spray tanning booths are quietly taking the place of the harmful UV booths.   Mystic Tan and Magic Tan are the leaders in the industry with introduction of the new HD and Versa Spa models.  Expand your business to reach 100% of the population by adding a UV free option to your customers.  We offer used spray tan booths for sale here and we now offer commercial leasing options for used and reconditioned spray tanning equipment. 

7.  RED LIGHT THERAPY SESSIONS:   2016 has found many salons and day spas converting old UV tanning devices to red light therapy bulbs.  Red light therapy reverses the signs of aging and makes your skin grow...creating collagen.  Read more about the benefits of red light therapy lamps here.