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Royal Sun Focus for Sale

American Quality Manufacturing now builds a high intensity stand up booth from the Royal Sun line called the Focus.  The Focus is a level four class stand up featuring 60 of the 200 watt reflector lamps with an 8 minute max session time.  This vertical tanner is very unique with up to 24 leg and face tanners and 2 meter length lamps to ensure head-to-toe coverage.  Additional features include built-in digital timer, speakers with volume control, and optional detachable dressing room. 

Consider adding a level four stand up to your salon today like the 72 lamp model shown below.  Call 800-667-9189 to order today.  Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  

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Features of the Royal Sun Focus include:


•  Easy assembly with our Easy Snap system

•  Unmatched comfort with a state-of-the-art direct venting system

•  Full body coverage and seamless tans with surround-tan technology

•  Tanning times as low as 8 minutes

•  Extra long 2 meter, 200 watt lamps ensure complete coverage, head-to-toe

•  Optional leg and face tanners add value to customers

•  Maximum safety with digital controls

•  Effective cooling without a complex exhaust kit

•  Suitable for the average 9 ft by 8 ft room

•  Detachable dressing room available

  click to enlarge layout diagram