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introducing the South Beach design

South Beach Features & Specifications:

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south beach modelsAcrylic Lamp Covers for a more clean look are $300
electronic ballast trayNew electronic ballast tray is standard.
card reader ready for 24 hour accessOptional card reader interface for 24/7 access
integrated stereo speakers and wireless Tmax timerCeiling features  speakers, Tmax timer, straps, emergency cut-off
shroud on top keeps the fan quiet and exhausts heatSpecial low-rise shroud covers turbine fan, reducing noise and exhausting heat to system.
neon kit is used to attract attentionOptional neon kit will  add style for only $300
wireless adapter readyWireless adapter is standard for seamless integration
low rise ceiling fits under 96 inchesWe now feature a low-rise ceiling which fits under 96"
optional dressing room is only $500Optional dressing room for stand alone operation is only $500 more.
new 2014 door graphic designNew SB door graphic design is standard but we do custom work shown here >>>
you may choose any of these custom colorsChoose  custom colors with your logo for only $500 more!
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Introducing the South Beach Design

You can now buy a 48 lamp South Beach Stand Up Tanning Booth today fordownload our catalog here only $6,999 plus shipping direct from the manufacturer, American Quality MFG.  Additional buying options include acrylic lamp covers, neon light kit, attached dressing room and low rise top to fit under 8 foot ceilings.  To place your order today please call toll-free at 800-667-9189

We are available anywhere from 8 am to 10 pm eastern, 7 days a week.  Please read more below and if you have questions please email us, and we will address any concerns which may not be covered below.  Click here to download our South Beach Catalog.

Vertical tanners, or standups, are simply tanning beds standing on their sides.south beach  There are many advantages to a vertical tanning device versus a lay down type which you should be very familiar with if you plan on owning a tanning salon.  The greatest advantages of stand up tanning is the number of bulbs you can be surrounded by increases dramatically, and because you are standing and not sitting down, the manufacturers want to make the time as short as possible, like 10minute max session times. 

Short session times are a great thing for both the salon owner, who gets clients in and out of a unit they charge the most for, and the customer who gets the best possible tan in the shortest period of time.  One very successful business model by Hollywood Tans of New Jersey, who builds tanning salons which ONLY have stand up booths.  When you buy a South Beach standup you can choose any color and any graphic like the yellow one pictured here or the red model shown below.

We are the only stand up tanning booth manufacturer who produces a stand up made entirely of welded solid steel with a life-time guarantee!  Look at all the South Beach Features:

1.  All SOLID STEEL Construction! The only stand up tanning booth on the market today which is entirely "welded" together and offers a life-time guaranteephoto of a South Beach stand up tanning booth

2.  Largest inside standing area of any stand up tanning unit on the market today! Because our ballasts are on a roll-out tray

3.  Superior Cooling Fan Technology with Turbine type fan at top of unit with low rise feature to fit under 96" ceilings

4.  Colors: Available in stylish South Beach design or in Jet Black, Ocean Blue, Ruby Red or Wheel Silver.  For only $6,999 you choose the color and door graphic like those pictured here.

5.  Six Panels of Tanning Lamps with your choice of STEEL GRID or ACRYLIC lamp covers for only $300 more

6.  Your choice of 48, 54 or 60 of the160 Watt reflector tanning lamps in a 10, 12, or 13 minute max session

7.  Standard features include complete with stereo speakers, hanging straps, emergency cut-off button, and built-in T-Max 3A Digital Timer with wireless adapter

8.  Additional features Include a roll-out maintenance tray which makes trouble-shooting a snap! This unit contains all the ballasts, relays, and critical components of this industrial strength stand-up tanning booth

To Place An Order

To place an order, please call toll free 800-667-9189 , 8 AM to 10 PM EST, or custom designs availableemail us with questions.  We prefer a 20% deposit with the balance due prior to or upon delivery.  Most orders can be delivered within 2 weeks although 6 units or more can take 4-6 weeks to deliver.  Rush orders will be considered.

For questions regarding financing or commercial leasing, please click here to complete our online application.

Prices above do include FREE Shipping to anywhere in the USA! Our 48 lamp is $6,999, 54 lamp is $7,999 and 60 lamp models are $8,999 with your choice of any design you find on this page.

There is an optional "exhaust system shroud"  available for only $300 which will quiet the operation of the exhaust fan at the top and will allow for a "duct" to be attached, which will remove the heat generated from these powerful units.

We make available an optional "neon light kit" attachment available for only $300 which is pictured here on the left (click to enlarge).  The neon kit is great to attract attention to the stand up tanning booth when placed in a high visibility room or area.

This model features optional "acrylic lamp covers" available for only $300 which give the inside a very clean look but will require maintenance and may have to be replaced one day.  The standard configuration is wire mesh lamp covers.

We feature a standard roll-out ballast tray employing electronic ballasts which is a highlight of our construction technique.  The powder-coated, all-steel service tray allows you to service all the parts in one convenient place and takes the electronic ballasts out of the stand up booth (normally installed behind the lamp assembly) itself which gives your customer the most inside room of any stand-up unit in the industry!

To place your order today please call toll-free at 800-667-9189 .  We are available download our catalog hereanywhere from 8 am to 10 pm eastern, 7 days a week.  If you have more questions you can email us, and we would be pleased to answer any questions which may not be covered here.   Click here to download our South Beach Catalog.