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ETS Sunscape SS756V or Elite for Sale

We are selling two 2005 ETS Sunscape SS756V stand up tanning booths for only $6,595 each.  This price includes delivery, setup and 90 dayphoto of a ETS Sunscape SS756v warranty from our factory.  This is perhaps the best stand up tanner you can buy today because of the clean European styling and acrylic lamp covers inside.  This vertical tanning unit features 56 of the 200 watt bronzing lamps in the 2 meter size resulting in an 8 minute max session tan. 

One is purple and silver and the other is red/orange and silver and one unit has only 1020 hours and the other about 845.  Price includes delivery but not installation anywhere in lower 48 states. 

This booth requires a 50 amp breaker in a 3-phase configuration and 80 amp breaker in single phase (switchable).  Minimum room size is 6' by 6' as unit measures 59.5" x 62" x 96" with the door open. 

We bring every unit back to our factory and have our guys service and repair any unacceptable items like: cracked acrylics, replacement lamps, or worn shocks and other old parts.  Please call 800-667-9189 or email us here for more information and more recent photos of the ETS Sunscape SS756V for sale pictured here.

sunscape ss756 with door open   photo of ETS Sunscape 756v in red orange color
brochure of ETS Sunscape SS756V   photo of ETS Sunscape 756v in red color with open door